Painting the Sign on the Church

Painting the Sign on the Church

Despite an hour and half wait to get into Mexico Friday night, and a three hour wait to get out of Mexico on Saturday we experienced an unbelievably great weekend!

The highlight of the weekend was working with over 30 people to finish up the work on the Lo Mejor Del Trigo Church Building in eastern Tijuana. My wife, Dawn, and my son, David Jr. were also able to go on the trip with me as well as a number of friends.

Issaid Arechiga, David and I worked on putting the sheet rock up on the ceiling. It was a lot of fun spending the  day with them, and helping get the church built.

David & Issaid working hard

David & Issaid working hard

The main reason I went on the trip was to connect with our Mexican partners, and to get to know all our friends from Harbor. I thought with such a good sized group that I probably wouldn’t need to help with the construction all that much. I ended up staying busy most of the day, and since I was able to do work with friends and my son it was a great time.

As we were finishing up the day we invited people in the community and we shared the gospel with them. A few from our group shared their testimony, a short gospel presentation was given and the pastor was introduced to the community. Dawn and I met one family from the community that has struggled to make a living a few years ago. They told us that Baja Christian Ministries built a home for them, and it was a huge blessing to their family. Gerardo and his wife expressed excitement that a church was moving into their community. Yeah God!

David & Dawn with Pastor Rodrigo and his daughter

David & Dawn with Pastor Rodrigo and his daughter

Today the church celebrated their first service. Join us in prayer that the church will grow and be a blessing to the community!

In His Grip, Dave

  1. Debbie says:

    Praising God with you! And God bless you and the work you continue to do!

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  3. Yevette says:

    How wonderful! Praise God…

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