Americans ready to risk lives to save souls in Monterrey, Mexico

Posted: November 1, 2012 in Ministry

This article appeared in the L.A. Times on Tuesday. It features one of our Mission the the World teams in Monterrey, Mexico. It might be a little over dramatized, but it is an interesting article nonetheless.

Mexico Institute

Los Angeles Times, 10/30/2012

Pastor Andres Garza had told the American evangelicals to stay away from his troubled city. The drug war made it too difficult to guarantee their safety.

The way Garza saw it, the Americans’ return on this September weekend was part of an epic spiritual battle for a city, like Babylon, that had fallen into decadence and was in need of salvation. There was also a little of Jesus’ story in their visit.

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  1. Larry Who says:

    If you are called and sent by God to a city, what’s the problem?


  2. Pieter Stok says:

    I read that story in the LA Times too. I immediately thought of you guys. Wonderful story. I loved the line” Once you are not afraid of death life gets a lot easier.” A wonderful witness.


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