Our neighborhood evangelistic team - Dave, Jim, Zach and Ray

Our neighborhood evangelistic team – Dave, Jim DeWitt, Zach Lutz and Ray Call

We enjoyed another great day in City Heights. It is invigorating to interact with people in the community as we walked the streets and shared the love of Christ.

Many shared their fear of crime and violence in the city. They lacked trust, and they didn’t know their neighbors well. The people are concerned for their family and for their well-being.

It was a real joy to talk to them. The Lord taught us some good things as we listened to them, and attempted to learn from them. Jesus opened our eyes and hearts as we were in the community .

Crime and security are big concerns in the neighborhood of City Heights. Doors and windows usually have protective bars covering them. Some said there was a big need to help families with children. They felt this was a way that the church could help.

Jose selling Candy in City HeightsJose selling Candy in City Heights

Jose selling Candy in City Heights

Continue to pray with us that the Lord’s Spirit breaks forth, and transforms the community. O God, touch their hearts, and change their lives.

Our next stop for prayer is on Monday we will go into Tijuana, and hopefully in the surrounding community. Plans for that are still coming together, so we appreciate your prayers as the Lord brings all the loose ends together.

In His Grip, Dave

P.S. Pray for us as we go on a men’s retreat this weekend with the men from Harbor Mid-City, and World Impact.


  1. This is awesome! Truly doing Acts 1:8! I will definitely keep you in prayers! I pray Colossians 1:9-13 over your lives! Please pray for me, and my ministries also(Changing Your Mind Ministries,E1R2,GSTeez,DGPromotionsGroup, GodInTheUpstate) as we embark on really being diligent,active,and focused on doing THE GREAT COMMISSION and MAKING disciples! Stay blessed & faithful!


  2. Awesome to see people following the mandate of the Lord. Bless you.


  3. Debbie says:

    Praying for you and those He is sending you. What an opportunity for us to be His hands and feet! God bless you as you go in His name!


  4. faithfulnibbles says:

    Praying for your ministry.p


    • Thanks for your prayers. I’d appreciate focused prayer tomorrow as we take it to the streets in Tijuana – Rosarito Mexico.


      • faithfulnibbles says:

        Consider it done. Praying for your team tonight and throughout the day tomorrow. May God go before you and prepare the way and keep each of you safe.

        In Christ,


  5. […] It’s a reminder that we need people to hold us up in prayer. Last week we were going out and prayer walking and evangelizing in City Heights in San Diego, and in Rosarito, Mexico. God wonderfully blessed our time. While I was doing this […]


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