The US/Mexico Border

A friend of mine sent me this encouraging report from The Christian Post about what God is doing in Mexico. “When missionaries and pastors serving in Mexico discuss drug violence, a common theme emerges. People are suffering and dying in terrible ways, they say, but the fear this creates is driving unprecedented numbers of Mexicans – especially teens and twenty-somethings – into the arms of Christ.”

There’s so much bad news being reported about Mexico, it is refreshing to see how God is using these trials to drive people to Christ! We’ve prayed for this.

One missionary state’s in the same article, “The Enemy uses deception through the media to paint a bleak, horrible, hopeless picture of Mexico, which isn’t a true one. There’s a tremendous uprising of youth coming to Jesus. Seeds that were planted year after year are coming to fruition. The time of harvest is now.” Keep praying with us for more harvest. Read more of the article here …

We are starting to see God open more doors for us on the border. As we move forward we meet opposition. We know that we need prayer support. We are getting ready to launch ESL training March 23-24, so that we can use ESL as an outreach with Harbor Mid-City starting April 13.

Ray and Michele Call

Here’s some of our requests:

  1. Pray for the Call family as they serve with us. Their family has endured a lot of change and transition moving 5 times over the last 5 years.
  2. Ray Call’s chronic health problems. Healing and maintenance. Pray specifically that this will not interrupt Ray’s effectiveness for God’s glory, but that He may use his weakness for His glory.
  3. For the ESL launch we need six teachers, one administrator/coordinator, one snack coordinator, volunteers to interact with those that come to learn English, Students to learn English and pray for Kristy Holliday who is coming to lead the ESL training March 23-24.
  4. Pray for Michele Call as she home schools five children.
  5. Pray for Ray and Michele as they work on improving their Spanish, so that they will be more effective on the border.
  6. We are praying for direction in areas of evangelism as we seek to strengthen Harbor Mid City’s outreach to Hispanics.
  7. Continue to pray for Dawn and me regarding the sale of our house. We need wisdom as to whether we should consider renting the house.
  8. Jim DeWitt, Dave, Daniel Nuñez, Bill Yarbrough and Ray Call in TJ

    Pray for our new associate member, Jim DeWitt, as he helps us with administration and training.

  9. All three of us need more financial support: the Calls, Jim DeWitt, and Dawn and me. We are close, but it’s slowed down a little lately, so we need perseverance, encouragement and wisdom as we move forward.
  10. Praise the Lord for the team unity that we have, and that our team is growing. I just talked to a woman earlier this week that is going to begin the process to join MTW, and become a part of our team. That’s a huge answer to prayer.

Thanks for upholding us in prayer!

In His Grip, Dave

  1. Moores says:

    Dave, u are so good knowing how to use the computer. This is a great letter. We praise the Lord for your perseverance trusting Jesus. We shall soon see ya all! By God’s grace,


  2. gbera says:

    thanks for stopping by my blog and liking my post about Tijuana. Very interesting what you guys are doing. If you ever need someone to teach English or music (especially music), I am willing and able…I’ve had experience teaching in Brazil and Haiti. Like you guys, I believe San Diego and Tijuana are a bi-national city if you need me I would be happy to help out with your ministry. All best, Catherine


  3. Joel says:

    I will continue to pray for the people of Mexico. While it is good to see them turning to Christ, my heart still breaks for what the Mexican people have to endure. I don’t know why, but God has really given me a heart for Latino people, specifically Mexicans.

    It’s good to see you’re doing so much good though. I wish I could contribute money, but for now will contribute prayer (and if time ever permits, my own time).


  4. Villatoro says:

    Like Mexico, El Salvador is a country that suffers a lot from drugs and gangs. We see it every day. It’s heartbreaking, but not hopeless! God is doing great thing for your mission, and with Christ there is always hope! Praying you’re ministry will continue to grow!


  5. Boyer Writes says:

    Your new move sounds like a wonderful place to do God’s work. Blessings!

    Thank you for saying you like my last writing. You will receive a notice whenever another writing comes out. Blessings. Nancy at Boyer Writes


  6. tvaraj says:

    I’ll remember you in my prayers.


  7. Maria l. Vela says:

    Dios ayuda a Mexico, ayuda a los Ninos de Mexico a la gente de Mexico , Dios mio
    ayuda a los governadores y presidente de Mexico para que ayude al sistema de
    agricultura y tambien que ayude a la gente del pueblo que necesita comida, casa
    trabajo, educacion, medicinas, ropa, abre los ojos presidente de Mexico muchos
    Mexicanos estan muriendo en el desierto de Arizona ayuda por favor a esa gente
    necesitada por favor. abre programas para los pobres y tambien informa acerca
    de esos programas no deja que sean ignorantes ayuda informa a los que necesitan
    no te quedes con los brazos cerrados escucha esta suplica ayuda a los pobres
    por favor todos los dias, los minutos los segundos ayuda por favor.
    Dios escucha estas suplicas ayuda a la gente necesita de Mexico no deja que
    se mueran en el desierto no seas Cruel. ayuda por favor entiende muchos ninos
    mexicanos tienen hambre, frio,necesitan casa ropa, tienen frio y calor ayuda por favor.


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