Our family in San Diego

It’s been so good to have our whole family together on the border this past week. It’s the first time that Jonathan has been able to join us in San Diego, so that we can all be together again.

As we get our whole family out here, it gives us a picture of what things might look for us when we are able to move and live here permanently. Every time we are able to visit we see the Lord deepening relationships, and opening up new doors for us. It’s thrilling to be along for the ride, as we experience life together on the border. I’m so glad that Jonathan has had such a great experience with us here.

David and Jonathan have really missed each other. It was encouraging for me as their papa to watch them together again. They just enjoy being together, and hanging out. We continue to pray for the Lord’s leading for our family. His timing for when our house will sell, so we can move. His leading on where he wants Jonathan to live. We’d love to have him join us on the border. He sure does fit in here.

David with Stephen, a friend from SDCC

It’s also been reassuring to see how much David is enjoying school. He is flourishing at San Diego Christian University (SDCC). He’s excelling on the debate team, and the Lord has given him some wonderful friends. He’s also enjoying interning at the Harbor Mid-City church. God is blessing him so much, it’s hard to believe. It’s heart warming to see him growing and maturing as a young man of God.

O Lord, we continue to look to you, and to ask you to guide and lead us. Lead our family forward as we desire to serve you together on the border. Provide a buyer for our house in your good and perfect timing. Grant us the patience to wait on you. Go before us, and open doors so that the kingdom of God will be expanded on the border. Thank you, Jesus!

In His Grip, Dave


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