Dave sharing about BEAMM at CovCom

This morning I woke up to snow falling in the Springs. It’s hard to fathom, especially since I just returned from Phoenix and Scottsdale, Arizona. Most of the days I was there it was over a 100. One of the highlights of my trip was being able to visit Covenant Community Church. CovCom as many call it is one of our partnering churches, so it was a great opportunity to get to know them better and to share with them more about our ministry with BEAMM.

I’ve had a lot of opportunities lately to share about all the things God is doing on the border, and I find that our friends are extremely interested. They are concerned about all the violence, and other issues that affect the border. We are grateful that we have the answer in the gospel. That as my friends at Harbor and others have said, “the gospel changes everything”. The gospel gives us hope. So when I share about what God is doing, I’m sharing about the hope that we have. I’m encouraged as people respond to this message.

A friend recently told me that God was going to take me places I’ve never been before, and that I have to trust Him. If I look to my own strength, I’m going to realize how weak and feeble I am. Left to myself, I really am hopeless. Dawn and I along with our ministry team need to hope. Our eyes must be fixed on Christ, and our focus on the gospel of grace every day.

Friends during the service at CovCom

CovCom and other churches like it encourage us and strengthen us. This also gives us hope. It reminds us we are part of a greater Kingdom. His Kingdom. Jesus taught us to pray, “Your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.” Wow! What a blessing! What a privilege, to be part of God’s Kingdom, partnering with other like minded churches and individuals to bring the life changing message of the gospel to the border.

Thanks for strengthening us by standing with us! This too gives us hope.

In His Grip, Dave


  1. Moores says:

    You’re doing great keeping us up to date! Praying as always


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