Worship at Harbor Mid City

It’s always exciting to see new life. We get excited when friends announce a pregnancy, or a new birth. The Bible speaks of a party in heaven when someone the Lord touches comes to Christ, and makes a confession of faith.

On Sunday, we were able to witness a new life at Harbor Mid-City. Stacey, who grew up in a Jewish home, and decided she didn’t believe in God after her dad died at a young age. She was angry with God. How could God take her dad away, when she was so young? But now she was desperate for answers. God was stirring her heart.

Communion and Prayer at Harbor Mid City

Stacey had gone through a hard time. She was feeling depressed. A friend asked her if she would study the Bible with her. Stacey decided to give it a try, since she was at her wit’s end. Then her friend encouraged her to go to church. Stacey found herself at Harbor Mid-City this past Sunday. She said when she came into the church she felt the presence of the Lord.

At the end of the service during communion Stephen invited people up for prayer. Stacey said she was afraid to go up, but she saw love in Karen’s eyes (one of the women that is part of the prayer team). This gave her the courage to go up. Her heart was tender and she was ready to hear the gospel. She prayed to receive Christ with them, and the whole church celebrated! More accurately all of heaven celebrated!!!

Thank the Lord for New Life in Christ!

Stephen & Bradford Phelan

On a sadder note, we just learned that early yesterday morning Bradford Phelan had a miscarriage. Stephen and Bradford were at the hospital from 10:00 PM til 3:00 AM. They need our prayers. Pray they are able rest, and that the Lord gives them emotional, physical and spiritual healing.

In His Grip, Dave


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