David with his Mom before he left for his big journey

We’ve got a lot going on the next week and a half as we head to the San Diego – Tijuana border. Here’s some ways you can pray for us:

  1. Dawn, Hannah and I fly out very early Thursday morning to San Diego. We will be there until August 29.
  2. David is on his way to college. He drove out this morning to college with his roommate, Matt May. They will arrive in San Diego Thursday afternoon.
  3. We will stay with our BEAMM teammates, Ray and Michelle Call. Pray that we can be a blessing and encouragement to them while we are there.
  4. Friday Mario and Silvia Silva will arrive with their two daughters, Silvia (Chivis) and Cesia. We will pick them up in Tijuana. They are still investigating the possibility of ministering with us.
  5. Friday we also have a student – parent orientation for David’s college.
  6. Sunday and Monday we will be with our partners from Harbor Mid-CityStephen and Bradford Phelan, Edgardo and Elizabeth Avila and team.
  7. Tuesday we will meet with our friend Daniel Nunez, who is doing a great job planting churches in Tijuana.
  8. Tuesday evening we will be meeting with a great young lady, who has a heart for missions, and may have an interest in working with us.
  9. Wednesday – Friday we will be checking out houses, and connecting with churches and individuals to continue building our support team.
  10. Sunday I will be preaching at North City Presbyterian Church. We are looking forward to being with them, and exploring how we might partner together.
  11. Pray for David as he starts college, and begins his internship with Harbor Mid-City.

David & Matt in the car that could!

Thanks for holding us up in prayer. We are looking forward to this trip. It’s significant that Hannah will be with us, as the Lord helps her to transition from Colorado to the San Diego area. We continue to pray for the Lord’s leading with Mario and Silvia – it will be exciting to see how this visit goes.

In His Grip, Dave
  1. Michele Call says:

    Looking forward to seeing y’all!


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