The Climb – Don’t Give Up!

Posted: August 16, 2011 in Journey, Ministry Partners
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David Jr. with Ben, Susanna & Brain Griffith at the top of Incline - feeling good!

We are encouraged as we climb towards being fully funded, so we can serve on the border. Last week I hiked up the Manitou Incline with David Jr. and some friends.

The Incline is one mile up, 2,800 railroad ties, and 2,000 vertical feet from the bottom. It’s a grueling climb, and a great workout. I can’t keep up with my son, and his friends, but I can make it!

The climb reminded me of our experience in raising our support team. We have a goal, that sometimes seems hard to reach. Much effort, and perseverance is required.

On the Incline there is a false summit. It’s discouraging the first time when you are so tired, and realize that you are not quite there yet. It seems we have these false summits as we climb towards our goal of being fully funded.

The Manitou Incline - Not for wimps!

We need good news and encouragement as we make this climb. Just in the last two weeks we’ve had two churches and seven individuals join our support team at $742 a month. We are now at 85% of our total need, and moving towards 90%.

The goal isn’t just to have all our funds, but that when we have all our funds raised and a strong support team behind us we can begin to focus on our ministry on the border. The tremendous needs of the border.

Even though the climb is difficult, and at times I wonder if I’m going to make it, it makes it easier to climb with others. It creates a kind of camaraderie. Even when others go faster, you are climbing together. You are pulling each other along. Wow! What would we do without those that stand with us, and encourage us along the way.

Dave with David Quintanar - One of our encouragers as we climb!

Thank the Lord for the climb that he has us on. For the progress that we are making on this climb. For the friends that encourage us along. Thank the Lord for how he provides through faithful friends.

Thanks for climbing with us, and encouraging us along this climb.

In His Grip, Dave

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