Dave sharing with the Lighthouse Community

Even though at times I feel like a traveling salesman when I’m traveling around the U.S., I’ve come to realize that although we need our friends who live in other cities around the nation, we also need a home base.

Home base for us over the last 11 + years has been Colorado Springs. Specifically, Village Seven Presbyterian Church has been a huge blessing. We have some key ministry partners at Village Seven, and the church itself has been one of our strongest supporters. Thank the Lord for this church!

When I’m in town, and it hasn’t felt like very often as of late, I try to share the vision of our ministry with friends at Village 7. I’ve had the opportunity over the last few months to share in several of Village Seven’s Sunday School Communities – Village X, Ambassadors and Lighthouse. We’ve received much encouragement as I’ve had the opportunity to share what God is doing on the border.

The Lighthouse Community at Village 7

One of my friends just the other day told me how he admired how I persevered, and kept at in regards to fund raising. He acknowledged that it’s not easy. I told him, “well it really helps me when I meet with friends like you that are excited about what we are doing. It keeps me going!”

I have some great friends at the church that are praying for us, and cheering us on. Some of them are meeting with me regularly to strengthen me through prayer, and come alongside with ideas on how to connect with more people in order to raise the funds needed so we can live and serve on the Border soon. This is invaluable help. Dawn has friends like this as well. That’s why the church, the home base is so important!

In His Grip, Dave


  1. Mary Lichlyter says:

    Love your e-mail reports! Praying for the Diasos!


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