Dave with Pastor Dick Kaufmann

As I reflect back over the past 11 years of our lives, since we left Mexico, I’m amazed. God’s timing is perfect. It doesn’t always seem so, but it is true nonetheless.

I remember when Dawn and I left Mexico City, and realized that we weren’t going back, we began to consider, “okay, what’s next?” Two ministries we explored during that time were working with Mission to the World’s, Border Evangelism and Mercy Ministries (BEAMM), and we talked to Dick Kaufmann as he was just getting the Harbor church planting network started. At that time, we didn’t believe the Lord was leading us to work with those ministries. God had something else in store for us. He wanted to teach us, grow us and heal us through other ministries and experiences. I can’t say that it’s all been easy, what we’ve gone through all these years, but I’m confident the Lord has had a purpose in it all.

Now we are working with Mission to the World and BEAMM, and in doing so God has opened up some outstanding opportunities to partner with Harbor, which Dick Kaufmann leads. Dawn and I are so excited that we have partner ministries that we can work with as we seek to reach many lost Hispanics on the border.

Dick Kaufmann leading the church planters meeting

Dick just sent out a prayer update. In it he listed some of the goals that Harbor has had, and how the Lord is answering. It was an invigorating update. Here’s an excerpt, “Build more relationships with gospel positive and city positive churches. In 2000, Harbor started having monthly church planting meetings.  In 2003, leaders from another church began attending our meetings.  They adopted the multi-site model and became our first “Like-Minded Church Planting Movement Leader”.  Dick now meets monthly with seven “LMCPMLs” – together we comprise over 30 church planting churches in San Diego.

Dave with Daniel Nunez

Update: Recently two more “LMCPMLs” have joined our group.  David Diaso will be working with Harbor to plant Spanish speaking churches both in San Diego and in Tijuana.  And Daniel Nunez, who has planted 10 churches in Tijuana, will be a great help to us in connecting with church planters south of the border.

Pray: Praise God for these men.  They represent a great advance in our efforts to be a blessing to Tijuana.  Pray that many Spanish speaking churches would be planted in San Diego and Tijuana. And pray for unity among our group of movement leaders.”

Dick also encouraged us through another note stating, “As the Senior Pastor of Harbor Presbyterian Church (PCA), I am excited that Dave and Dawn Diaso will be working with Harbor and other like-minded churches in San Diego and Tijuana, to so fill this great bi-national city with gospel-centered churches, so that the whole region is transformed spiritually, socially, and culturally.

Mission leaders, whom I respect, have told me of the great work the Diasos have done over the past twenty years.  In several meetings with Dave and Dawn, it is evident to me that they have a clear sense of calling and exceptional gifts in the area of training, coaching, and mentoring.  I am excited to be partnering with them in this great mission.  I invite you to partner with the Diasos and help us together bring gospel transformation to San Diego and Tijuana.”

Dr. Richard P. Kaufmann

I’m blown away by how God brings things together in his good and perfect timing for his own glory. Praise Him!

In His Grip, Dave


  1. Dianne Barlowe says:

    It is cool how God has brought you back around to this ministry. I’m sure He has been adding skills and healing that you all needed for just such a time as this. He hasn’t wasted a thing! God bless!


    • Yes, it is encouraging knowing that although the road is not straight, that the direction God takes us is good. Hope you are doing well. We enjoy getting your updates, and seeing what the Lord is doing in your family and your ministry!


  2. Katie says:

    What an incredible God we serve Whose timing is always perfect, even when we don’t understand! What an encouragement this was to me! Praying for your family. . . Blessings!


  3. You must have been pretty little. That’s impressive that you remember the prayer card, and our visit after all this time.


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