A Wedding & Missions

Posted: April 12, 2011 in Journey

Brandon & Hayley exchanging vows

At the end of March Dawn, David Jr., Jonathan and Hannah were all able to join me in Northern California. I picked the boys up in Southern California where we checked out three colleges, which is a big prayer request for us now. Then we drove up to my parents in Fresno. While we were there we were able to visit a lot of friends and family who are part of our ministry support team. The highlight of our time in Fresno was my nephew, Brandon Diaso’s wedding to Hayley Ripley. It was a wonderful outdoor wedding, even though it had rained all week and it was threatening to rain on the day of the wedding. Brandon is my brother, John’s oldest son. He is the first of his generation of the Diasos to get married. It was a lot of fun being able to celebrate the beginning of Brandon and Hayley’s marriage! Thanks to the Lord for that opportunity. Thanks for frequent flyer miles that helped us to be able to bring the whole family out for the occasion.

Dave speaking to Canyon Creek missions group

Another highlight of the trip, maybe not quite as festive, was the opportunity to speak to a group of young people from Canyon Creek Presbyterian Church in San Ramon. They were preparing to go to Tecate, Mexico over Spring break to build homes for the poor. I enjoyed seeing the excitement of all of those that were going on the trip. Some of them had gone for more than one year, because they enjoyed the experience so much! Dawn and I hope to be able to hook up with churches like Canyon Creek as they come down to the Border to minister. That is one of the advantages that we have in working right on the Border.

Canyon Creek Missions Trip in Tecate Mexico

There are numerous opportunities to minister to people who have significant needs. We pray that the Lord will use the church to reach out in love to the many who are hurting.

In His Grip, Dave


Dave & Dawn with my brother, John & Treena

More fun photos from the Wedding!

David, Jon & Hannah with their cousins, Serena & Tyler

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