God’s Leading for Mario Silva

Posted: March 22, 2011 in Journey, Potential Team Members, Video

Our good friend from Mexico City, Mario Silva was with us in Colorado Springs in February. I got a chance to visit with Mario and ask him some questions about his family, his background, and God’s leading in his life. In this video Mario shares why he feels the Lord is calling him to preach, reach and teach. Mario and his wife, Silvia have a real heart to see their friends won for Christ. We’d love to have them join us in our work on the Border. We are praying with them right now that God will grant them clarity about His call on their lives. You can see more about our call to pray with them for 40 days at: A Call to 40 Days of Prayer

Here is part 2 of the video interviews about Mario and God’s leading in his life. If you’d like to see part 1 click on this link: Mario Silva Shares – Part 1

In His Grip, Dave


  1. […] third interview that I did with Mario when he was with us. If you’d like to view Part 1 and Part 2, just click on the highlighted […]


  2. […] just returned from our amazing trip to San Diego. We had a wonderful time with Mario and Silvia Silva, their two girls, Chivis and Cesia, and their niece Diane. Mario and Silvia were our best friends […]


  3. […] also have Mario and Silvia Silva, that I’ve mentioned frequently, who are very interested in working with us. We still need to […]


  4. […] talked to Mario Silva last night. They are still hoping and praying they will be able to join us soon. Silvia is due to […]


  5. […] remember that their daughter, Chivis stayed with us for six months starting in September of 2010. Mario came out to Colorado to bring Chivis home in February. Then we were with the whole family in San Diego in August. It was so good to see them […]


  6. […] ours from Mexico City. We are praying that they will be able to join us on the border in ministry. Mario and Silvia are wonderfully gifted servants. We loved ministering with them in Mexico, and it would be a dream […]


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