A Call to 40 Days of Prayer

Posted: February 26, 2011 in God's Leading, Journey

Mario & Dave at Garden of the Gods

It’s been a week since Mario and Chivis left, and went back to Mexico (Mario’s visit). We sure do miss them!

Mario called this last week, and he told me that he and his wife, Silvia had decided to pray for 40 days starting March 1, about God’s call on their life. They want to pray specifically about whether they should join us in ministry in Chula Vista, on the Border. Mario and Silvia’s commitment to give some dedicated time to prayer about the Lord’s leading has challenged me. It hit me we need to join them in prayer and ask our friends to pray with us.

There are a number of things we can pray with them for. 1) Clarity and confirmation that God is calling them to work with us on the Border; 2) That if the Lord is calling them to work on the Border that we will have a unified vision for what God is calling us to fulfill; 3) God’s provision for Mario and Silvia and for us; 4) Wisdom regarding timing as to when they should make the move; 5) They will need to sell their home if they come; 6) They need to figure out the best school options, and transition plans for their girls; 7) Many other details including Visas to live and work in the U.S.

Would you pray with us for Mario and Silvia in a concentrated way for 40 days starting this Tuesday, March 1? Send me a note by replying below if you’d like to join us in prayer for this need. It’s encouraging to know that others are praying with us!

In His Grip, Dave


  1. […] Our good friend from Mexico City, Mario Silva was with us in Colorado Springs in February. I got a chance to visit with Mario and ask him some questions about his family, his background, and God’s leading in his life. In this video Mario shares why he feels the Lord is calling him to preach, reach and teach. Mario and his wife, Silvia have a real heart to see their friends won for Christ. We’d love to have them join us in our work on the Border. We are praying with them right now that God will grant them clarity about His call on their lives. You can see more about our call to pray with them for 40 days at: A Call to 40 Days of Prayer […]


  2. […] of you have asked, what was the result of our 40 days of prayer with Mario and Silvia Silva? The 40 days of prayer ended on April 9th. Mario and Silvia told me […]


  3. […] spoken before about Mario and Silvia Silva. They are praying about joining us in ministry on the border. We are praying for the Lord to build […]


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