God’s Leading to the Border, Part 4

Posted: February 4, 2011 in Journey

Hannah & Chivis in Mexico City

One of the cool things that we have seen as God has led us to the border to work with Hispanics is how he’s rekindled old relationships. I mentioned, Issaid and Mie, in the post, God’s Leading to the Border. They are friends we first met in Mexico City. Some other friends from Mexico City that God brought back into our lives are Mario and Silvia Silva. They were a part of the launch team in the second church plant that we started in Mexico City. Mario and Silvia were key leaders in the church plant, and they are very gifted. Mario is a businessman who continues to be involved in reaching people for Christ with his wife, Silvia.

Well about a year ago Mario and Silvia’s daughter, Silvia – “Chivis” found my kids on Facebook. Chivis and Hannah were very good friends (see photo of the two cute little girls). Chivis started communicating with Hannah and the boys, and she asked if she could come live with us for six months, so she could study and work on her English. We didn’t have to pray long about that. We thought, “Wow! perfect! Hannah’s been out of Mexico for a long time, and she’s forgotten her Spanish, and God is bringing a friend from Mexico back into her life!” The timing was amazing! We couldn’t have planned it any better. That’s not to say that having an additional teenager, and an adolescent girl at that didn’t bring some new challenges into our home. Hannah and Chivis have gotten along very well. Like sisters. I think they even fight like sisters (No, actually they rarely fight). David and Jonathan have also enjoyed having another little sister.

Hannah & Chivis Now

Chivis will be going back to Mexico on February 19th. That will be a very hard day for all of us, but especially for Hannah and Chivis. Please keep that day and the two girls in your prayers. Mario, Chivis dad, is coming to stay with us next week from February 11 – 19. Then Chivis will go back to Mexico with her dad.

I’ve been talking to Mario and Silvia about working with us on the Border. Please pray with us about that. It will be interesting to see where this story ends. I think God could really use them to reach out to the many hurting people on the Border. I will write more about that when Mario comes next week.

In His Grip,



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