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The Church is on Fire in Mexicali

The Heat is on as God is Building His Church
Pastor Federico and Blanca Muñoz ministering in the park

I just spoke to Pastor Federico Muñoz and he said that it’s been up to 122 degrees in Mexicali this summer. That’s hot 🥵! The church doesn’t have a building, so they are meeting outside in the park. They have started meeting a couple hours earlier during the summer to beat the heat, but it still has effected their attendance.

In spite of these obstacles the gospel is going forth and lives are being changed. Federico and Blanca are some of our most committed pastors. I’m always amazed by their faith and their willingness to make sacrifices so that the gospel might advance. Their faith is a great example to me and they encourage Dawn and me a great deal.

They wrote me this week and shared some testimonies from their ministry. I think these will lift you up as you read them.

Rene – Freed from Witchcraft
Rene far right worshipping the Lord

Rene, who is a boxer and the brother of one of the leaders in the church has been involved in witchcraft. He had made a vow with the saint of death, which is a thing in Mexico. He actually worshipped this “saint”.

Federico and Blanca prayed for him and through prayer they broke off the vows Rene had made so that he would be free. After they prayed, he felt peace and he started sleeping well at night after months of nightmares and fear. They continue discipling Rene and you can see the difference in him. He is very happy for the change that the power of God has brought in his life. Praise the Lord!

Katia – Freed from Drugs
Blanca praying with Katia

Katia, a single mother suffered greatly as she was addicted to drugs for a number of years. Some friends from the church, Anibel and Miriam were helping her care for her baby. They began to share with Katia about the love of God. She recently came to one of the church services so that Federico and Blanca could minister to her. As Blanca prayed for her, Katia began to cry. Blanca hugged her and told her that God wanted to strengthen her and heal her of all her wounds. She told her, “God loves you and your baby.” Katia is beginning to grow as she experiences of the love of the Father.

Alberto – Physical and Spiritual Healing
Blanca praying with Alberto

A little over a week ago Alberto’s brother was in a terrible accident. He was fighting for his life. Anibel and Miriam the same women that ministered to Katia and brought her to church are friends of Alberto and his family as well. Anibel y Miriam asked Federico and Blanca to pray for Alberto and his family. Last Sunday Alberto and his brother, Jonathan came to church to give thanks that their brother who was involved in the accident was doing much better and that he was no longer in danger of dying.

We can see in these testimonies that each of these people, Rene, Katia and Alberto are experiencing a real living God who has the power to change and transform lives. It’s thrilling to see the Father work through his children and his church.

Every week Federico and Blanca are seeing the fire 🔥 of God touch the lives of people in need. There’s a spiritual fire, the power of God as they worship in a place where there is much heat.

Join us in Prayer
From left to right: Daniel, Federico, Blanca, David, Damaris, Paola, Junior, Maykela and David

Pray with us for Pastor Federico and Blanca and their team as they continue to share the love of Christ in Mexicali. We are praying for a more permanent, cooler place for them to meet. Pray with us for the funds for a building or some land where we can build a church.

Video: New Life in Mexicali
Extend Your Hands to Help Our Familia
Some of the people and families that we are helping 

We are still sending funds every month to help the pastors and families on the Big Island. We would like to raise at least $18,000 this year to cover these needs.

Since the COVID-19 hit in March 2020, we’ve been able to help more than 2,000 people in 9 different cities, because of the generous gifts of many friends like you. Although we cannot help all 11 million people on the Big Island we can help some. It is a nation with tremendous needs. Where your feet cannot go, your prayers can go! Your offerings of love can go! You can extend your hands to bless these men, women and families who are waiting for a miracle every day.

Help us help the church and our familia! Will you join us? Please prayerfully consider partnering with us to help us bring aid to these beautiful people.

Thank you for your prayers and for your support for this work on the Big Island!

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In His Grip, Dave

P.S. Help take the gospel to the Border, the Baja and Beyond


  • By gwennonr
    Posted August 4, 2022 at 11:51 am

    Dear Friends, I have prayed briefly for God to build hedges of protection around the new Christians that you showcased here. I hope that from time to time they will again wander through my prayers. Thank you for the work you are doing. It is blessing people here and now and for eternity.
    Psalm 149:4

    • By DiasoLifeOnTheBorder
      Posted August 9, 2022 at 8:08 am

      Thank you so much for your prayers. I know God hears and answers, so it’s encouraging to know that you are praying.

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