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More Workers, More Churches!

More Churches on the Border, The Baja & Beyond

Our group of assessors and church planting candidates
Our group of assessors and church planting candidates celebrating a successful week

Our desire is to see more churches in Mexico. A church planting movement on the border, the Baja and Beyond. We can’t reach that goal without more workers. This is the main reason we hold church planting assessments. We want to find more qualified ministers of the gospel to start more churches.
Lord, Hear our prayer for more workers.

Thank You for Praying!

The Lord answered our prayers big time this last week. Thanks for responding to our plea for help. Our first assessment center for church planting candidates in Tijuana was a huge success.

candidates doing a team exercise
Candidates during a team exercise

Eleven couples went through the assessment process. Eight of them were from Baja California, one from Monterrey and two from Juarez. We also had assessors in from all of those places.
We work long hours during the four days the candidates are evaluated. I might add that there is a degree of stress for the candidates, because they know they are being evaluated. The assessors also encounter stress, because we feel the weight of coming up with an accurate evaluation.
Despite the long days, our candidates and assessors displayed much grace during the process.
In our work with the two main ministries we are partnering with the church planters have to be approved before they can start a new church planting project. This is an important first step! It’s a huge win for us that the Lord gave us such a good week.
Our next step with these church planters is to provide training for them. We will also begin working on developing new church planting projects in Ensenada and Tijuana especially.

The Importance of Prayer

Prayer played an important part of the assessment process
Prayer played an important part of the assessment process

Dawn and I felt the prayers this last week for our family as well as for the ministry in Tijuana. Some days were tense, but the Lord watched over our family and all of those involved and kept us safe.
Your prayers play an important part in the advance of the ministry on the border. Thanks so much!
The Lord encouraged my soul as he gave us success this week. Rejoice with us in God’s great work.
In His Grip, Dave
P.S. We are looking for a car for Hannah, now that she has started her IMPACT 195 discipleship training school. Pray that we can find a inexpensive car, or that someone would donate one.

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