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Gospel Advance Meetings!

Larry Trotter teaching at the Northwestern Border Presbytery meeting
Larry Trotter teaching at the Northwestern Border Presbytery meeting

This weekend Larry Trotter and I met with the pastors and leaders from Northwestern Mexico. I like to call these meetings gospel advance meetings. That’s what we are praying for and working for, the advance of the gospel. The pastors from the presbyterian church in the Northwestern Mexico meet twice a year to carry on the work of the church.
They aren’t necessarily the most exciting meetings, but good things happen through them. I love the opportunity to connect with so many pastors and leaders at one time in one place. The Lord has given me much grace with these men, and I’ve enjoyed getting to know them.
God is opening up some incredible opportunities for us. In May we put our new church planting couple, Victor and Fanny Gonzalez in La Paz. They are off to a great start. They just held their first Bible study this last Friday. In November we will be holding our first assessment center to evaluate the gifting, skills and calling of church planting candidates.
We are praying about and working towards starting new churches in Tijuana, Ensenada and La Paz.
Thank you Lord for your good work in Northwestern Mexico!

Larry & Sandy Trotter – Choice Servants of the Lord!

Larry & Sandy Trotter
Larry & Sandy Trotter

My colleague, fellow Mission to the World (MTW) missionary, Larry Trotter came from Guadalajara with his wife, Sandy to meet with us. Larry did an outstanding job sharing with the presbytery about Christ-centered preaching, the marks of a healthy church and keeping the gospel central in ministry.
The pastors love Larry’s teaching. He is a gifted teacher, and he’s gained credibility through his almost 30 years of missionary work in Mexico. They keep asking him to come back, which is always a good sign. Larry is creating a lot of good will for us and it serves to strengthen our partnership with the National Presbyterian Church on the Border and the Baja.
While Larry and I met with the men Sandy and Dawn were able to spend some time together and to encourage one another. It was a great time!
Larry and Sandy Trotter arrived in Mexico in 1989 a year before Dawn and I began our ministry in Mexico. It’s hard to believe we’ve been serving as long as we have, but it’s fun to look back over the years at what the Lord has done.
We’ve been through some difficult seasons, the Lord has taught us much through the years. There is something to be said for sticking it out.

Lord, enlarge Our Borders!

Dawn and I often pray and dream about the future and what could be. We keep knocking and asking the Lord to bring increase and to enlarge our borders. Lord, extend the reach of the gospel! We pray that many churches will be started. Many people will come to know the Savior and that lives will be transformed as they encounter Christ.
In His Grip, Dave

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