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Adventures in California

I just returned from a trip to California. While I was there I was able to hook up with some great people. When I go on these trips, since I’m trying to raise funds by building our ministry support team I seek to minimize my expenses. One of the ways I do that is by staying with friends, and borrowing cars. It may be humbling in some ways to have to depend on other people, but it is a great blessing, because I am ministered to by those I stay with. I’m able to meet some outstanding people, and reconnect with old friends. I’d like to highlight three of them in this post.

The fun Steller family

Tom and Debbie Steller are new friends that Dawn and I met last year. They are both school teachers. They live in Chula Vista, and are connected to the Harbor Chula Vista Church. Tom and Debbie love sports, or at least Tom does and Debbie supports him and their two boys. Tom’s an avid baseball fan, which right away gives us a connection. He roots for the A’s, and I like the Giants, so we like to razz one another. Their boys, Andy and Alex are playing baseball in Little League right now. They just love it! It’s fun to watch their excitement. Tom and Debbie also have a heart for Hispanics. It’s just a lot of fun being with them. They really do minister to me!
Dan, Donna and Abby

Dan and Donna Morgigno are friends from way back. Dan and I went to high school together, and we really grew in our faith together in college at Fresno State. I was in Dan and Donna’s wedding, and Dan was in our wedding. Dan is a pilot for American Airlines, and he’s one of the best house remodeler, fix-it up guys that I know. I must say I’m jealous of all Dan’s talents. Donna is a wonderful cook, so I always eat well when I’m with them. It’s just a lot of fun catching up with them. On the last night I was with them my boys, David and Jonathan were able to be with us. We just had a great time together. They are definitely among my favorite people to be with.

Issaid & Mie with their kids

Issaid and Mie Arechiga, I first met them in Mexico. Issaid let me use his car, which was a huge help! Issaid knows all the good places to eat, so we had some “delicioso” tacos together. While I was on the border I was able to go to Tijuana to see the ministry of Daniel Nunez, and Issaid joined us. Issaid and Mie also went with me to Harbor Mid-City, and they really enjoyed it. It’s always fun being able to spend time with Issaid, and he helps me a lot as he tells me about his impressions of Mexico and the United States. I’m able to learn some valuable things from Issaid. I’m looking forward to living closer to him and his family. I think that they will be a blessing to us, and also get involved in our ministry.
The Lord ministers to us through friends. Thank you Lord for our friends!
In His Grip, Dave

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